House of living that does not care about life sound

House of living that does not care about life sound

Housing where many people gather

Sometimes children and friends come to visit when there are children. Even if the child comes to play when the house is narrow, I can not invite it into the house. Therefore, it is a single-family real estate property. In the case of a single-family real estate property, since the neighborhood is far away, there is no worry that children will be bothered much even if they make noise in the house, and a lot of children gathered because the residence is wider than the apartment You can also let you play with confidence. In the case of multi-family houses such as condominium real estate properties and rental condominium real estate properties, we will inevitably trouble the lower floor and neighbors. So it is not good to put so many children in the house frequently.

Besides children, in families where people frequently come, we recommend single-family real estate properties with large living quarters. People are hard to call if they are too narrow, and when many people make noise, it becomes a troublesome neighborhood. If many people gather recently, you can borrow a party room in the case of a condominium real estate property etc, but in most cases, in the case of families where many people gather frequently, a single-family real estate It is recommended that the property call many people.

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